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Free is a compilation of heartfelt songs that tell the tales of my journey to personal, physical, psychological, professional and spiritual freedom.

It features songs from my EP 'Nowhere girl' as well as new songs all written, and composed by me.

I'm absolutely excited to share this progression in my musical journey with you. I invite you to experience freedom with me.

'Free' is available for streaming and Purchase on all digital media distribution platforms. Support by getting a copy for yourself, today.


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'Nowhere Girl'

The warbling melodies and stark instrumentation by Blessing Tangban on her Ep, “Nowhere Girl” makes for an intense listen. And when you’ve gotten used to Blessing and her style, every track on the Ep will fit you like a sumptuous slipper. The absolute beauty of her music is worlds apart from what you hear on the radio.

What really makes “Nowhere Girl” so fresh-sounding though, is its wonderful minimalism – less really is more in this case. These songs feature simple acoustic guitars leading to a sparse yet beautifully played sound and gently, captivating vocals.

The EP features the hit song 'Pennsylvania' which met popular acclaim worldwide due to it's beautiful and relatable story line.

Blessing Tangban has created a lyrical and musical feast, subtle yet sophisticated, easy listening, yet profound and sometimes even a little disturbing; “Nowhere Girl” certainly deserves to be discovered by a generation of thoughtful music fans.

'Nowhere Girl' is available for streaming and purchase on all digital music distribution platforms.

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You can now stream and download hit songs like 'Pennsylvania' and 'Nowhere Girl' from the EP 'Nowhere Girl' for free, from SoundCloud below.