Y'all, look, if I say it, it'll be like i'm making things up or creating bogus news for publicity. see it for yourself! 


Exactly one week after it's release on the 26th of August, 'Grow Up'  beat other popular songs and musicians, to win the title of Number one song of the week on Boomplay (Africa's number one music streaming and download service) 

Honestly speaking, this is the first time any artist from Abuja Nigeria has attained this feat. I'm officially the first alternative artist from Abuja Nigeria.

The most gratifying thing about this win is that, my song beat way more popular musicians to the number one spot. No kidding! we went from number 4, to number 1 in a matter of hours! and the best part is that the votes were solely sent in by music listeners and fans. Can you Imagine that? I was voted? WOW! Take a look at the artists I beat to get the number one spot!


My friend and I were talking about this win and he was Like, "I can't believe your song bested MI's song", and I was like "hmmm.... God looked at everything and said... see eh, MI, you have so many awards already, if you don't win this one, you won't even notice..... let this girl have this one... hahaha ....

As an artist, this is a big achievement for me. i've never been on any musical chart before so to be recognized this way, and for my music to gain such acceptance is indeed noteworthy. Thank you all for supporting me and voting for this beautiful song! God Bless you! 

Please click this link to stream and download 'Grow Up' on Boomplay music . Thank you