Okay! before I start, know one thing about me...... I have acute nervous breakdown right before I climb any stage to perform and this happens every time. I know, you don't believe me, that's cool, but i'm telling the truth. The only reason I can climb the stage and begin to sing is because I tell myself, oh well..."Something must kill a man".

Why all this nervousness? ....I'm just a very shy person Kawai!  Too shy for my own good. So ordinarily, when my manager told me that he'd like for my band and I to just set up our equipment in the middle of the mall and just play music for passer's by? I nearly terminated my contract with him haha. In fact, look at this picture of me still asking him to reconsider canceling the event, right before I was supposed to begin my performance....


I just don't enjoy putting myself out there,; But, not withstanding, I promise you, I was surprised at how much fun I had and in fact, I decided that I would like to invade other malls. 

There's something about presenting your art in front of people who've never met you before or know anything about your craft. It is complete organic surrender, void of effort and full of surrender. I think that every artist should do this. Leave your comfort zone and present your craft to someone you've never met and hear what they have to say about it. It will challenge you, it will grow you, and it will show you love in places and people you'd never expect it from. 

Honestly, my mind was blown! it was like everyone stopped what they were doing at the mall and came to see us play our music. They were singing along and encouraging us and taking pictures and sharing on social media; they were doing everything we'd want our fans to do but we didn't even have to ask them..... they had genuine love for our music. it was WOW!

In the same vein, other artists showed up and came to support us. We didn't even have to invite anyone. They came with their instruments and turned the whole gig into an open mic jam session. It was indeed amazing. 

I want to use this medium to say thank you to everyone who came out to Ceddi plaza to support us on our mall invasion. It was the most daring and most enjoyable night of my performance career! Let's do it again soon! 

Photgraphy Credits: Marvflix Photography (+2348162714230)