Have you seen the Hollywood movie "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" ? ....if you have, you know what i'm about to tell you.... if you haven't, then I will tell you now. Soo do you wanna hear about my parody of the Hollywood movie or do you want me to tell you about the movie itself? i'm confusing myself here haha so go see the film for yourself. 

Anyways, in anticipation of my new single 'Grow Up', I decided to play a guess game with my fans. Before I revealed the artist I collaborated with (Johnny Drille), I announced to my fans that anyone who could guess the person I collaborated with, i'd take them out to lunch. The announcement looked a little something like this: 

Grow Up guess who.jpg

One of my avid supporters, guessed the answer right and of course he won the date with me. I gotta tell ya, I was super super nervous to know who'd guess the answer right and what he/she would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised with the winner.

His name is Tobi. I publicly announced the result on my Instagram and got in touch with him through my management to set up our date. We had a ton of fun honestly. He taught me a thing or two about agriculture and I educated him on music. Our sponsor Maubby's Purplebox did not disappoint us either; the food was delicious and the service was top notch. I had an amazing time and i'm sure he did too. Maybe I'll do this again with my fans...... say....would you like to win a date with me?