A Tale of Lights at The Cube Cafe

Hi there lovely, as i'd earlier shared, I am on tour. I'm performing my music around some very peculiar venues in the city of Abuja and my first stop was so interesting, you'll just have to see it to believe. It was at THE CUBE CAFE in Maitama, on the 4TH OF AUGUST, 2018. Look at this picture really quickly...


That's me, in the background, watching a songbird Ireti, serenade the audience. I had just completed my first set of songs with my band and I took a break to watch someone else share their talent and boy, it birthed something within me! I realized that as much as I wanted to use this 'grow up' tour as an opportunity to expose my talent to the world, I could also use it as a platform to share other talents with the world as well. 

Sharing the stage added color, and beauty to the whole experience for me and it taught me that 'light shines brightest when combined with other lights, as opposed to when it stands alone' . If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see a man to my left; His name is Deji Ige. He's an amazing poet who also lent me his light and together we all shone so bright! 

I realized another thing at the Cube Cafe. Everyone who came out to see me truly came out on their own. I didn't promote of coerce anyone to come see me play. I realized that, my music could now stand on its own, it'd developed legs, and found its audience and it called out to them, all on its own, without much of an effort from me, the vessel. This was an amazing and empowering realization.

honestly, the first stop of my 'Grow up' tour was amazing. It was also an opportunity to spread the word about my new single 'Grow Up' which I recorded with Singer-songwriter and producer, Johnny Drille. Needless to say everyone was anticipating its release. 

See you at the next stop? Check my EVENTS page to know where i'll be next.

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