Oh my goodness guys! I finally get to say that i'm on tour. It's every musician's dream to tour various cities and perform original music to fans, both new and old. I've always wanted to do this and finally, I get to. 

Recently, I collaborated with one of Nigeria's finest alternative artists and we made a song called "Grow Up". I was so inspired by the song that my team and I decided to build a whole tour around it. We are going to be traveling and playing my original music all over the world during this tour. I want to meet with you all face to face, take pictures, share vulnerable stories and change each other's lives. 

I have some dates out already, Just click on the events page to find out where i'll be, RSVP and get ready for some live musical awesomeness. I can't wait to see you! first stops are The Cube Cafe Maitama, and Delphino Picnic.