Private and Acoustic with Blessing Tangban

To mark my first event of the year, I hosted my fans to a private and acoustic concert on the 8th of March, 2017. It was an intimate session of sharing the stories that inspire my music as well as a chance to meet and greet with my avid followers and supporters. Because it was the first event of the year for me, I wanted it to be as intimate as possible so that I could set a good tone for the year. The event also featured a fund raiser to support my future music endeavors.  

I had such an amazing time because the sound set up was top notch, so I could hit all my notes haha and my fans were awesome as well. significantly enough, it was one of my fans that hosted the entire event in her garden which is something I will never forget...... so side note, thank you Sofia! she brought food and drinks and let us celebrate her 30th birthday with her. 

After this experience, I will definitely host a lot more private and acoustic sessions so stay tuned for the next one!