‘I hope you dance’ is a very popular song by Lee-Ann Womack and its message is very simple:whenever you get the chance to, I hope you take it and dance.


I absolutely love dancing, although i’m shy to do so in public because my dance moves are not exactly convention however, sometimes, I surrender to the moment and give in to my dancer instincts. This is what happened at the recently concluded Abuja 500 festival, the second edition this year. I gave my all on stage and for the first time ever, I danceddddd whole heartedly. Why? read on….

What was most remarkable about this concert was the fact that it started rained just exactly when they called me up on stage. I was nervous…. because no one wants to perform to an audience that is taking cover from the rain. I mean, this is Nigeria, we wont exactly take the rain as a cue to come out and dance…. so yes, I was nervous. But, my fans surprised me, they made me feel like taylor swift. They came out and danced in the rain with me…..every single one of them. Check us out in the video below!

I felt like a musician for the first time, I felt like people finally wanted to hear me sing so much so that they would come out and dance in the rain with me. I felt loved! When next you get the chance, I hope you take it and dance…. who knows? someone might come out to dance along with you.

Photographers: Marvflix Photography, Lemmy Vedutti Photography