I Hope you Dance, Even in the Rain


I Hope you Dance, Even in the Rain

‘I hope you dance’ is a very popular song by Lee-Ann Womack and its message is very simple:whenever you get the chance to, I hope you take it and dance.


I absolutely love dancing, although i’m shy to do so in public because my dance moves are not exactly convention however, sometimes, I surrender to the moment and give in to my dancer instincts. This is what happened at the recently concluded Abuja 500 festival, the second edition this year. I gave my all on stage and for the first time ever, I danceddddd whole heartedly. Why? read on….

What was most remarkable about this concert was the fact that it started rained just exactly when they called me up on stage. I was nervous…. because no one wants to perform to an audience that is taking cover from the rain. I mean, this is Nigeria, we wont exactly take the rain as a cue to come out and dance…. so yes, I was nervous. But, my fans surprised me, they made me feel like taylor swift. They came out and danced in the rain with me…..every single one of them. Check us out in the video below!

I felt like a musician for the first time, I felt like people finally wanted to hear me sing so much so that they would come out and dance in the rain with me. I felt loved! When next you get the chance, I hope you take it and dance…. who knows? someone might come out to dance along with you.

Photographers: Marvflix Photography, Lemmy Vedutti Photography



How My Nerves Invaded a Mall


Okay! before I start, know one thing about me...... I have acute nervous breakdown right before I climb any stage to perform and this happens every time. I know, you don't believe me, that's cool, but i'm telling the truth. The only reason I can climb the stage and begin to sing is because I tell myself, oh well..."Something must kill a man".

Why all this nervousness? ....I'm just a very shy person Kawai!  Too shy for my own good. So ordinarily, when my manager told me that he'd like for my band and I to just set up our equipment in the middle of the mall and just play music for passer's by? I nearly terminated my contract with him haha. In fact, look at this picture of me still asking him to reconsider canceling the event, right before I was supposed to begin my performance....


I just don't enjoy putting myself out there,; But, not withstanding, I promise you, I was surprised at how much fun I had and in fact, I decided that I would like to invade other malls. 

There's something about presenting your art in front of people who've never met you before or know anything about your craft. It is complete organic surrender, void of effort and full of surrender. I think that every artist should do this. Leave your comfort zone and present your craft to someone you've never met and hear what they have to say about it. It will challenge you, it will grow you, and it will show you love in places and people you'd never expect it from. 

Honestly, my mind was blown! it was like everyone stopped what they were doing at the mall and came to see us play our music. They were singing along and encouraging us and taking pictures and sharing on social media; they were doing everything we'd want our fans to do but we didn't even have to ask them..... they had genuine love for our music. it was WOW!

In the same vein, other artists showed up and came to support us. We didn't even have to invite anyone. They came with their instruments and turned the whole gig into an open mic jam session. It was indeed amazing. 

I want to use this medium to say thank you to everyone who came out to Ceddi plaza to support us on our mall invasion. It was the most daring and most enjoyable night of my performance career! Let's do it again soon! 

Photgraphy Credits: Marvflix Photography (+2348162714230)





News from Heaven! My song is Number one


Y'all, look, if I say it, it'll be like i'm making things up or creating bogus news for publicity. see it for yourself! 


Exactly one week after it's release on the 26th of August, 'Grow Up'  beat other popular songs and musicians, to win the title of Number one song of the week on Boomplay (Africa's number one music streaming and download service) 

Honestly speaking, this is the first time any artist from Abuja Nigeria has attained this feat. I'm officially the first alternative artist from Abuja Nigeria.

The most gratifying thing about this win is that, my song beat way more popular musicians to the number one spot. No kidding! we went from number 4, to number 1 in a matter of hours! and the best part is that the votes were solely sent in by music listeners and fans. Can you Imagine that? I was voted? WOW! Take a look at the artists I beat to get the number one spot!


My friend and I were talking about this win and he was Like, "I can't believe your song bested MI's song", and I was like "hmmm.... God looked at everything and said... see eh, MI, you have so many awards already, if you don't win this one, you won't even notice..... let this girl have this one... hahaha ....

As an artist, this is a big achievement for me. i've never been on any musical chart before so to be recognized this way, and for my music to gain such acceptance is indeed noteworthy. Thank you all for supporting me and voting for this beautiful song! God Bless you! 

Please click this link to stream and download 'Grow Up' on Boomplay music . Thank you





Win a Date with Blessing Tangban

Have you seen the Hollywood movie "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" ? ....if you have, you know what i'm about to tell you.... if you haven't, then I will tell you now. Soo do you wanna hear about my parody of the Hollywood movie or do you want me to tell you about the movie itself? i'm confusing myself here haha so go see the film for yourself. 

Anyways, in anticipation of my new single 'Grow Up', I decided to play a guess game with my fans. Before I revealed the artist I collaborated with (Johnny Drille), I announced to my fans that anyone who could guess the person I collaborated with, i'd take them out to lunch. The announcement looked a little something like this: 

Grow Up guess who.jpg

One of my avid supporters, guessed the answer right and of course he won the date with me. I gotta tell ya, I was super super nervous to know who'd guess the answer right and what he/she would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised with the winner.

His name is Tobi. I publicly announced the result on my Instagram and got in touch with him through my management to set up our date. We had a ton of fun honestly. He taught me a thing or two about agriculture and I educated him on music. Our sponsor Maubby's Purplebox did not disappoint us either; the food was delicious and the service was top notch. I had an amazing time and i'm sure he did too. Maybe I'll do this again with my fans...... say....would you like to win a date with me?