Nowhere Girl – EP


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The warbling melodies and stark instrumentation by Blessing Tangban on her Ep, “Nowhere Girl” makes for an intense listen. And when you’ve gotten used to Blessing and her style, every track on the Ep will fit you like a sumptuous slipper. The absolute beauty of her music is worlds apart from what you hear on the radio.

There are hardly any other songs being written or sung like this today. Blessing has the ability to paint pictures of her journeys through life that intrigue and fascinate us. Her songs are simply a joy to listen to. Her voice is comfortable and welcoming, while her vocal range is both gentle and impressive.

Armed with just an acoustic guitar, the single strongest aspect of Blessing Tangban’s songwriting is her ability to evoke a mood by the use of little nuances through her vocals. You’ll often find yourself contemplating what she is singing about. Her voice emits the same angelic aura with which Norah Jones has entranced millions of fans.

While instrumentally spare, the lyrics and melodies that comprise “Nowhere Girl” are uncommonly rich, somehow grabbing one’s attention immediately, then revealing even more upon repeated listening. The small flickers of genius that can be traced after a few listens expand into wide, gaping crevasses of blinding beauty once you become fully acquainted with this Ep.

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