Grow Up – Instrumental


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The Story Behind the music
Contrary to the obvious, ‘Grow Up’ isn’t a love song to me, although….. music is totally open to the interpretation of the listener….. I wrote it about an employer I used to work for when I was 20 years old. My employer would always try to control my life. She just wanted to fix me & there was nothing wrong with me, so I quit the job.

So while it was produced recently, this song was written 7 years ago. I wanted to tell her that although I understood where she was coming from, I didn’t need all that fixing. I was fine the way I was. You should know that you are fine the way you are. If it takes you walking away from toxic situations to be “Your own kind of beautiful”, then by all means….. walk away and reconvene when you’re both grown up.

Johnny gave the song, exactly what it needed, in terms of production and collaboration. I’m truly lucky to have shared this process with him. He produced the song and interpreted his lyrics in a way that only a true artist would. Through his verse, you can hear the other side of the story….. because there’s always two sides to a story.
what is your ‘Grow Up’ Story?

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