Tèbè Tèbè is a bilingual folk song written in english & ejagham (an indigenous language from Cross River state Nigeria) by Blessing Tangban. It is yet again another expression of Blessing’s musical versatility & ingenuity.

The song itself was written by Blessing for parents & anyone who worries about the future of their loved ones & what they will become or turn out to be.
Translating directly to english, the ejagham chorus of the song says: Dear Parents, do not worry about your child, your job is to birth the child but God is responsible for what they will become.

Tèbè Tèbè is a great listen & welcome diversion from mainstream music into the spere of afro-folk melodies.

Written, Composed & Performed by: Blessing Tangban
Produced by: Dekumzy
Acoustic guitar: Blessing Tangban.
Lead guitar: John Yacim.
Male back-up Vocals: Joseph Abati.
Percussion: G-Sticks.


  • Release dateMay 2017
  • CatalogBlessingTagban
  • LabelTèbè Tèbè
  • FormatDigital, CD
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